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Canelo negotiated the release of kidnapped brother

Saúl Álvarez went through a bitter drink in 2018, which was one of the most complicated moments of his career since he had to negotiate the release for the kidnapping of one of his brothers

The Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez He confessed that prior to his debut in New York, waiting to face the British Rocky Fielding that week of the fight, he had to negotiate by telephone the release of one of his brothers, who had been kidnapped on Mexican soil.

Álvarez told Graham Bensinger that this was one of the most difficult moments in his career, and one of the reasons why his residence is practically not in Mexican territory, where authorities do not do what is necessary, he considered, to improve the safety of residents.

“In 2018, Monday before the fight and I was always on the phone. On the phone I negotiated everything to be released. For three days I negotiated with the ca … so that they would release him, ”Álvarez said. “After I negotiated, I still thought, imagine if it was a daughter or my mom or my dad, it would be even more difficult for me. And besides, I had the fight on Saturday (…). I would tell my cousin, say this, and my cousin would tell me, they send this, and I would say, tell them this, “he added.

Canelo accepted that it was a tough time, but tried to focus on the fight. Nor did he want to notify the authorities of the possibility that they were accomplices. “A thousand interviews and everything and nobody ever knew anything. It’s what I’m going for, everyone thinks they see me there and it’s easy, but nothing is easy in this life.

“It’s difficult, because in things like that, your brother never comes back, he dies, and I have my brother, thank God. I would like (his family) to leave (the country), but it’s difficult, they have their life here in Mexico, I can’t do it, ”explained the four-time world champion in a long interview.

He said that insecurity is something that today does not allow him to always reside in Mexico. “I have security for the envious, the one who robs you at the traffic light, too many insecurities, that is why I am no longer in Mexico, because it is too insecure and for me and my family much more, and the government does not care about other things.

For average people, it is the one that you arrive at the restaurant and arrive and take your watch, or express kidnapping, those are the biggest insecurities of the people here”, He pointed. “(The government) should worry a little more about the safety of the people and put, I think that putting a very cab law … for those who steal, kidnap, with that they would think more about it,” he concluded.

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