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‘Canelo’ Álvarez shines as a benefactor of Mexican society

The greatest figure of Mexican boxing, Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez has shone for his philanthropy

The Mexican boxer Canelo Álvarez shone again this week as a philanthropist of Mexican society, by responding positively to the help that a little girl asked for her mother who suffers from a brain tumor, just a few days after having helped another person who asked for help to pay for a transplant that she needs and that will cost her about 500 thousand pesos , as reported on social networks.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Canelo, can you give us a signed item of yours, please?” My mom has a very large brain tumor, can you help us? My sister will be able to make a raffle to get money. We want to be happy to play, jump, and do everything, and draw. God bless you, you are the best. Thank you ”, asks the girl through a video broadcast on social networks.

“Of course you do, send me an address where I can send you what you need,” Canelo replied, provoking a wave of positive reactions.

Days ago, Canelo Álvarez also gave a positive response to the request of Sahiye Cruz, who disguised himself as Canelo to attract the attention of the four-time world champion.

“I characterize myself from Canelo to appeal to his heart. I was going to record myself in this way so that they can see that the iron is passing through the catheter. I need a transplant, I want a new way of life. They are 500 thousand with everything that is needed. Help this video reach Canelo so that he can help me with whatever he can, ”Sahiye said at the time. “A phone number please,” replied the Mexican, also provoking positive reactions to the aid.

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