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Canelo Álvarez is not afraid of dying in the ring

The Mexican spoke about his last fights and the risks that are experienced in the ring.

The inherent risks of boxing are not overlooked in the mind of Mexican Canelo Álvarez, who assured not to fear death on the ring, and confessed that always, before each fight, he says goodbye to his family and asks not to worry because if something were to happen to him, it would be doing what he likes the most.

Canelo, prior to his appointment on May 8 before Billy Jow Saunders At the Dallas Cowboys stadium, he had a chat with Graham Bensinger in which he talked about how much boxing has given him, about some of his rivals from the past, including Gennadiy Golovkin Y Floyd Mayweather. He also confessed that in January he had COVID.

“I know the risks I have in boxing, I get on and maybe I can’t get off the ring, maybe I’ll get off dead, but I know it, I always say goodbye to my family before getting into the ring, because I don’t know if I’m going to come down alive, I tell them, don’t worry, don’t cry, because I’m going to die doing what I like the most, ”said the four-time world champion.

With that in mind, Canelo Álvarez assured that boxing does not see it as a business, but as a passion. “I want to be a millionaire in business, I did not study, I come from very low, but I like to learn, know many things and I have too many things, I could retire and live quietly, but I like boxing, it is my life, as far as I can I go to be here, I have always wanted to do boxing for something that I love, not for money, I always do boxing because I like it, not because I am going to earn money, “he said.

Canelo, who confessed to having COVID-19 before his fight with Avni Yildirim last FebruaryHe stressed that he hopes to launch between 90 and 100 gas stations in Mexico soon that will carry the Canelo Energy brand, and that obviously after boxing he would like to continue playing golf.

On the other hand, he stressed that if Mayweather I would have faced him at his best, not inexperienced like in 2013, things would have been different. “He has nothing to do with me, if we are both in our moment, he has nothing to do with me. I knock him out, “he said.

In addition, he criticized the exhibition that Floyd will have before the youtuber Logan Paul. “It has nothing relevant, it is an exhibition to make money, it is something stupid (…). I have nothing with anyone, I am not a fan of saying bad things, they give you a fighter license when you are not a fighter, they can be killed, this is not a soccer game. Why do they give a license to people who have never shot a blow, if a death happens, the commission is responsible for that because they gave them a license to fight, “he said.

Finally, he remembered the desire he had to rip off the head of Gennadiy Golovkin after the suspension he had for clenbuterol. “For me it was very difficult, but in my mind I said nothing else I have to win, I just have to beat this cu…, I just have to win. It started as my worst year and I closed it as the best (…). I’m going to bust his f … ma … is what I said, I think I have never disrespected one of my rivals, but he is one of the people I have most wanted to cut off his head, “he concluded.

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