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Canelo Álvarez asks Billy Joe Saunders not to start making excuses

The Mexican multi-champion assured that he is ready for combat and that the Briton only reveals his losing mentality

The four-time world champion Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez sent a strong message to the Brit Billy Joe Saunders from car to his lawsuit expected for this May 8 in Texas, by asking him not to start make excuses because that only betrays a losing mentality.

In chat with ESPN KNOCKOUT, Canelo Alvarez said Saunders the first rounds will be complicated, but patience will be an indispensable ally, he also pointed out that Caleb Plant he would be the next target, unless he asked for unattainable things, and he ensured that he was already staying at 168 pounds, so we won’t see him again at 175 pounds.

“I am aware that it is going to be a difficult fight, because of the left-handedness, because of the style he has, but it is a matter of being patient,” he said. Canelo, who responded like this when discussing the comments of Saunders on an environment of justice for the fight and that he will fight like Mayweather: “Losers always make excuses, and always ahead of time, as I fight, I’m ready for any style, if you want to go out and move, get off, if you want to go out to do what you want, I’m ready for that.

“You have to be patient, they are fighters with whom you have to be patient, at that time (against Floyd in 2013) I did not have the experience of today, I have the experience of being patient, looking for the moment, winning round by round, without needing to despair and want to knock out, I think it’s totally different. “

In fact, Saul stressed that the Canelo today, I could compete face to face with that Mayweather from 2013. “I think it would be a 50/50, it would be a more even fight, I would not try to want to rip his head off, but have the right patience to be able to get my punches and make a very different fight, it is difficult to explain it, until there was another fight, “he said.

About Caleb Plant, he assured that, if everything goes well with Saunders, is the next goal, unless you ask for little possible things. “I think that can make it a bit difficult, whoever asks, conditions, the truth is, if he doesn’t go crazy, the fight goes, it’s what I want, but since sometimes they know what I want, sometimes I know They put on their bows and start talking nonsense. Hopefully the fight can be fought without complication, that obviously he is happy and the fight is made, but if not, we will see, “he said.

Finally, he ruled out the possibility of returning to 175 pounds, a category to which he rose to dethrone Sergey Kovalev achieving the four-time championship. “168 (pounds) is the most I’m going to fight now, we took a risk to win the fourth title, but I did feel a bit slow, I didn’t feel the best of me, but we already won the fourth title,” he concluded.

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