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Canada: New mysterious monolith discovered in Toronto

A mysterious metal pillar similar to that found in a desert area in the USA and other places around the world has now also been discovered in the Canadian city of Toronto. The apparently hollow, several-meter-high monolith appeared on Thursday on the outskirts of Toronto, according to Canadian media.

Many residents wanted to take a look at the column on Thursday and Friday. Others worried that a mass rush of curious visitors could encourage the further spread of the coronavirus. The Canadian government had called on the population to stay at home.

On Friday morning the previously shiny column was smeared with red paint. Several people then reportedly tried to remove the paint from the object.

Similar pillars were recently discovered in the Canadian cities of Vancouver and Winnipeg. Monoliths had previously appeared in Poland, Romania and the Netherlands. In Germany there were stelae finds in the Taunus community of Sulzbach in southern Hesse and near Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. So far nobody has claimed to have erected these pillars.

The discovery of the first such monolith in the US state of Utah at the end of November led to wild and not always serious speculation on the Internet. Because the metal pillar was reminiscent of the monolith from the film “2001: A Space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick, fans of science fiction films said that the metal pillar was the work of aliens.

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