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Canada – Meteorite crashes next to woman on pillow

Golden, a town in the Canadian province of British Columbia on October 4th: Ruth Hamilton is lying in her bed when she is woken up by a loud noise and feels debris on her face. The black lump lying on her pillow later turns out to be a meteorite!

Ruth Hamilton on “Victoria News“:“ I just jumped up and turned on the light because I didn’t know what the hell had happened. ”She was not injured.

She’s calling the police. The official suspects that the indefinable object could have come from a construction project that is nearby. They ask there whether part of the canyon has been blown up.

“It wasn’t the case,” says Hamilton, “but they said they saw a bright light in the sky that exploded and made a bang.”

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About the spectacular event, she says: “I was shaking and scared when it happened. I thought someone broke into my house or it was a gun or something. It was almost a relief when we realized that it could only have fallen from the sky. “

Her grandchildren think the invader from space is cool, so she wants to keep him. “I’m just totally amazed that it’s a star that fell from the sky. It is maybe billions of years old. ”

The incident gave Hamilton a new perspective on life. “The only thing I can think of is that life is precious and any moment can be over, even if you think you are safe and secure in your bed,” says Hamilton.

As for the hole in her house, Hamilton is hoping her insurance policy will cover it.

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