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Can physical wear and tear limit Real Madrid’s options?

The final stretch of the season comes at a difficult time for Real Madrid. In a very difficult week, Zidane’s men have beaten Liverpool and FC Barcelona in El Clásico. However, concern has taken hold of the environment after the words of his coach about the physical condition of the squad: “We are at the limit.”

From the locker room, several voices admit to ESPN that the season is “the most difficult” in recent years. Many players have to dose themselves in training sessions and risk being injured at the most unexpected moment. This has happened to Ramos, Carvajal, Hazard, Odriozola or, for example, Lucas Vázquez who misses the remainder of the season due to a sprained cruciate ligament in his knee.

“They have not woven preseason and that, added to the number of accumulated games last year after confinement and the lack of rest is crushing them.” It is an authorized voice of the club that reveals to ESPN what the white squad is suffering this year. However, that same source admits that the team has been surpassing itself and has grown “collectively” to become the only team that is alive in all competitions.

That is why Real Madrid is different. Of course it can fail because the injuries are many and the lack of rotations can weigh down a team that, in itself, has a limited squad. Let’s remember the example of the forward, where there are only two specific attackers like Benzema and Mariano, who hardly count. However, whites have a unique DNA: when push comes to shove they always take that step forward that others don’t dare to take and that’s when Real Madrid applauds their team’s feats.

It remains to be seen if any of those feats can be repeated this year. For now, and despite the injuries, Madrid is prepared for everything and comes with the desire to fight, suffer and win.

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