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California: Governor Announces $ 100 Billion Stimulus Plan

Tax relief for two-thirds of residents, help to pay rent and back bills: California Governor Gavin Newson revealed on Monday the first steps of a $ 100 billion plan to boost his state’s economy after the pandemic .

“We can implement a recovery plan for the State of California, and the first announcement is a tax relief of 12,000 million dollars,” explained the Democratic governor.

This relief will translate into checks sent to households with less than $ 75,000 in annual income, resulting in at least two-thirds of Californians receiving a check for at least $ 600, with an additional $ 500 for families with children.

Another $ 5 billion will go to help modest households that rent their homes and are behind in payments.

The plan that he will propose to California parliamentarians on Friday also provides for up to $ 2 billion in aid to vulnerable families to pay water, gas and electricity bills.

This plan is announced when Newson faces a referendum on its revocation, which obtained the necessary number of signatures and could be organized in the autumn.

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