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Cablebus work in CDMX advances

The first line of Cablebus in Mexico City, which goes from Indios Verdes to Cuautepec, has a construction progress of 85% and, due to its scheduled opening in March 2021, Work is being carried out at forced marches, since there are still stations under civil engineering work and a property that has yet to be released, among other actions.

“We estimate that the strong work should be completed in February, we would be lacking finishes. Here they are not going to have vacations from the company or the government, we are going to advance the project ”, commented Manuel Galindo Altamirano, executive director of construction of the Cablebús System.

At the Indios Verdes station, the platform has been built, the boarding of the booths is fine-tuned and all that remains is to place signs, turnstiles and electrical installations. On a tour, THE UNIVERSAL noted that the whereabouts are almost complete.

As for the transfer with the Indios Verdes Metro, it has a walkway so that people can enter; however, the staircase and the main access to this area are still missing.

The Doppelmayr company installed 95% of the electromechanical work, that is, almost the entire structure is in place for the Cablebus to circulate, only minor equipment is missing at the stations to start the tests; however, the Gami company continues with the civil works to conclude with them, assured Galindo Altamirano.

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In relation to civil works, he explained that in four seasons it is still intense: Ticomán, La Pastora, Campos Revolución and Cuautepec, but it is estimated that it will be ready in its entirety by the end of February.

In Ticomán, only the structure of the electromechanical work is finished, the rest of the station is still under construction. Work is being done on the foundations to assemble the infrastructure and the modification of a building in the Federal electricity commission (CFE) that had to move because it prevented the passage of the cabins.

In La Pastora, which will serve as a garage for the cabins, a 65% progress is seen, both in the terminal and in the space where the units will be stored, although, between the works, RTP units are circulating.

According to the manager, it is living with this transport, because it was originally a property of this system and this route will be maintained once the Cablebús operates.

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In Cuautepec they will begin with the masonry work; However, there is a piece of land that has not been released, which does not have problems with the movement of the booths, but it does have problems with access to the station.

Galindo Altamirano explained that Campos Revolución tests are already being carried out in Tlalpexco at this point, where single booths have been sent, so that nothing else is missing the equipment for special installations, lighting, video surveillance and fire protection systems.

With an investment of 27.4 million pesos, the Ministry of Works and Services implemented the Urban Mosaic program, where more than 40 thousand houses will be painted in the vicinity of the Cuautepec, Campos Revolución and Tlalpexco stations.

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