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Cabecita Rodríguez becomes the offensive reference of Cruz Azul

Antonio Rodríguez avoided Cruz Azul’s win and Cabecita Rodríguez increased his number of goals; even so, the charrúa is the offensive reference of La Maquina

Blue Cross beat Chivas 1-0 and reached 12 consecutive wins in the Guard1anes Clausura 2021, a streak with which they equate Necaxa in the 1934/1935 season and León del Clausura 2019. Jonathan Rodriguez He was in charge of making the only goal of the historic match, in which he also shone Antonio Rodriguez, who prevented the score from being more bulky.

Antonio Rodríguez, the figure of Chivas

The Chivas goalkeeper was the figure in the first half. Antonio Rodríguez prevented the fall of his frame on two occasions, before approximations of Jonathan Rodriguez. The first came after eight minutes of play, at which point he stopped a header from ‘Cabecita’, who won another individual duel at 31 ‘, when the Uruguayan entered the area and took a cross shot, which was stopped by the left foot of the goalkeeper.

‘Toño’ Rodríguez appeared again in the second half, at 78 ‘, when the score was already 1-0. The goalkeeper shortened to “fix” the error of Miguel Ponce, who had let the ball vote, an action that he took advantage of Jonathan Rodriguez to stand in front of the goal and take a shot, which was blocked by the goalkeeper, who appeared again at 89 ‘to take a header from Luis Romo off the line.

‘Cabecita’ Rodríguez adds three games in a row with a goal

The Uruguayan forward, who reached seven annotations in the Guard1anes Clausura 2021, has three consecutive games with a goal. The & # 39; Cabecita & # 39; began his streak on Matchday 12, in which he scored two goals against Atlas and a week later he drilled the goal of Juárez, while this afternoon he scored the victory of the Machine against Chivas.

The Uruguayan has scored five of the last seven goals for La Maquina in recent days, just at the close of the regular tournament and ahead of the Liguilla.

Cruz Azul’s goal was born from a kick-off

The Machine’s goal fell to 51 ‘, at which point Chivas played with three central defenders: Gilberto Sepúlveda, Antonio Briseño and Miguel Ponce, but despite this, they could not cancel the action of the annotation, which was born in a take off from the hands of Joaquín Martínez. The service was for Jonathan Rodriguez, who yielded to Luis Romo, a footballer who passed to Roberto Alvarado and filtered for the ‘Cabecita’ to define before the departure of Antonio Rodriguez.

Chivas, with a single shot to the goal of Cruz Azul

The Guadalajara team could only generate a shot at the goal of Jesús Corona. The play went on until 49 ‘, at which point Uriel Antuna delved down the left wing to give the ball to Jesús Molina, who was in a good position to take the shot, but his shot went into the hands of the celestial goalkeeper.

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