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by covid-19, impossible to take a break

The head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, said that due to the health emergency due to covid-19 that is experienced in the capital, neither she nor her work team can take a break.

“In our case we believe that, or in my particular case, in that of Oliva (López), local Health Secretary, and in that of Clark (García), an official of the Digital Agency for Public Innovation in the capital, the situation being of the city as it is we could not in any way take a break, “he acknowledged.

The official thus reacted to the dissemination of photographs in which the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, vacations on the coast of Oaxaca, in the middle of a health emergency.

At night, López-Gatell accepted that since Thursday, December 31, he traveled to the Oaxacan coast to spend the end of the year: “I have nothing to hide. Indeed, I went to the coast of Oaxaca, to the Pochutla region and I went to visit very close relatives, friends, and we stayed in a private home during those days at the end of the year, ”he clarified at the conference at the National Palace.

Later, in an interview, he affirmed that the images released about his trip were decontextualized and used for electoral purposes.

“In the electoral context it is clear that the different political forces want to profit, create demons, create enemies to position themselves. The good thing is that there is freedom of expression and it is good that we have a more mature society, “he added.

Regarding criticism issued by health workers who complained that they did not even go on vacation at the end of the year, the official said that everyone has an occupation and fulfills it.

“As long as one fulfills his obligations, as the President emphasized this morning, we do not leave anything neglected. I don’t act alone. I have a fabulous team that I respect.

“(I have never) been partying on a beach and having fun. It was not the case. I arrived, I secluded myself in the house one day, we went out to eat food. No to pachanguear and it is practically absurd that they think that one is going to use a mask when consuming food, “he said.

In contrast, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that Mexico City and Edomex are overcoming the situation complicated by the pandemic and even stressed that “the worst is already happening.”

Meanwhile, on behalf of the PAN fraction in the Chamber of Deputies, legislator Luis Mendoza disapproved of the undersecretary’s “vacation spirit” and demanded to know the name of the person who in his absence was at the forefront of the strategy against the pandemic.

While IMSS staff, through a video, expressed the fatigue and despair for the lack of solidarity of those people who continue to not adhere to the measures due to the health emergency in the face of the pandemic.

They insisted that what they ask to see their loved ones again is very simple, but very valuable to them: “Stay home! Stay at home! Stay at home!”

Likewise, Mexico City registers a hospital occupancy of 83 percent, which leaves 1,545 beds available for covid-19 care in public hospitals. So far there are 6,341 people hospitalized, of which 1,674 are intubated.

“We are still at a red light and the level of hospitalization is high, we are expecting it to begin to decrease in the coming days. As far as possible, we ask that the Kings be able to postpone the delivery of the gifts, we are talking about it with the mayors ”.

Up and down

• Jesús Zambrano, leader of the PRD, demanded the resignation of the undersecretary: “Many workers in the health sector would like to be on vacation as the irresponsible López-Gatell does.
Jesús Zambrano, national leader of the PRD

• López Obrador defended Undersecretary López-Gatell, considering that “he also has rights … he has been working a lot, very hard, and has been fully complying with his responsibility.”
Andrés M. López, President of the Republic.


With information from: Pedro Domínguez, Fernando Damián and Kenia Hernández

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