Anna Sedokova in microblogging seduced fans with a spicy shot, flashing a spectacular figure in a “naked” beige bikini. The ex-soloist of the group “VIA Gra” flashed elastic hips in tiny panties, lying on the sand.

Fans were delighted with the graceful forms of the singer. And here you can’t argue! The Ukrainian diva looks just amazing. But she has three children. With such a slender waist, it’s hard to believe.

“Everyone dreams of meeting their own person in life. We look around – we go down the subway, go to work, to the theater, to the cinema, drink coffee in our favorite coffee shop. And even once, on the advice of a fashionable guru, we close our eyes and imagine in detail who may be there, ”said the singer, who is happy in her relationship with Janis Timma.

“Butter rolls, the baker did his best ?!”, “Very sweet”, “Sweet baby”, “As if not sand at all, but buns in flour”, “Sexy”, “What a perfect bronze tan”, “This look beckons “,” A young husband equals a sexy body! Here is such a simple arithmetic “,” Auf! Hot, what a wild kitty “,” Fascinating “,” What a sweetheart here! “,” Perfect! The figurine is super-duper “,” Cutie “, – the followers write.

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