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Bureaucracy madness in Ahrweiler – family is not allowed to clean up the flood apartment

Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler (Rhineland-Palatinate) – Nobody understands that: the Krause family are not allowed to clear the flood rubbish from the apartment because an insurance agent has not yet been there. When should it come? Uncertain – until then the apartment will be uninhabitable. BILD is now helping.

Frank Ochse, head of the “BILD fights for you” department, in the Krause family’s apartment, presented a picture of devastation. And that although a large part of the sludge has already been removed. “Unfortunately we cannot save everything else. What hangs here in the apartment, we are not allowed to put away until the insurance from the SWIA (apartment management; editor’s note) was there, ”says Sandra Krause, describing the madness of bureaucracy.

Personal souvenirs, expensive electrical appliances, even if they could just be saved: tidying up is prohibited: “The appraiser has to look at it first. And that’s how long everything has to go on here. The stench is unbearable, ”said the resident.

“Living in a substitute apartment”

A musty smell is paired with a stench of oil and gasoline from leaking tanks and makes a longer stay in the apartment unthinkable: “We are currently living in a replacement apartment that a friend from the house gave us. He’s found somewhere else, ”says the geriatric nurse.

One of many examples of solidarity in the days of the Flood of the Century. But what’s next?

“(We hope) that someone from SWIA will finally come by and watch what is happening on site so that we can finally get ahead here,” demands the 40-year-old and adds, full of incomprehension: “Everyone can come here, find the way to be around us to help. Only the rental, it won’t come by! “

A circumstance that causes bewilderment. Also with Frank Ochse, who promises: “We take care of the insurance. That’s where we make steam. ”

So that the traces of the devastation can finally be removed and peace returns to the Krause family …

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