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Bukele hires new lobbyists for $ 1.2 million, according to a site specializing in lobbying monitoring

Bukele has been the target of numerous criticisms, many of them in Washington and from officials of the Joe Biden administration for his weakening of democratic institutions, his blows to press freedom and the lack of transparency of his government.

According to a report on the site, the government of Nayib Bukele signed a $ 1.2 million contract for advisory services with a former high-level diplomat. This, the report affirms, in the face of a negotiation that El Salvador will hold with the International Monetary Fund to obtain financing of $ 1.3 billion with those who seek to order public finances.

According to Foreign Lobby, “this contract comes while the 39-year-old president has been accumulating influential firms to counter criticism of his populist style of government and to promote US and foreign investment in the Central American country.”

According to the site, the government now spends $ 240,000 a month on lobbying.

Bukele has been the target of much criticism, much of it in Washington and from officials in the Joe Biden administration and both parties in the US Congress. This is due to his weakening of democratic institutions, because of his blows to press freedom and the lack of transparency in his government.

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These issues, it has been warned, generate political uncertainty, and undermine credibility and confidence in the country and can discourage investment and financing prospects for El Salvador.

Chief Lobbyist is a veteran retired diplomat

The lobbying effort, according to the site, will be led by veteran American diplomat Tom Shannon. He became undersecretary of state for the Western Hemisphere and retired from a long career at the State Department in 2018.

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According to the registry of agents representing foreign governments in the Department of Justice, next to Shannon is Raúl Herrera, who served as an advisor to the private sector support wing of the Inter-American Development Bank.

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