Buenos Aires deputy governor Verónica Magario applied the Sputnik V vaccine

Verónica Magario was given the vaccine
Verónica Magario was given the vaccine

The vice-governor of the province of Buenos Aires Verónica Magario received the first dose of the vaccine Sputnik V at the Federico Abete Trauma Hospital, in the municipality of Malvinas Argentinas. After being inoculated, the vice president highlighted the success of the operation carried out throughout the Buenos Aires territory: “We have more than 500 thousand people registered to receive the vaccine.”

Accompanied by the local mayor, Leo NardiniAfter applying the vaccine, Magario thanked the hospital’s health personnel for their work and that of all the hospitals in the province of Buenos Aire: “We are very satisfied because 26% of intensivists have actually been vaccinated, which is a very important number. And we have more than 500 thousand people registered to receive the vaccine ”.

Regarding the operation in Buenos Aires territory, the deputy governor pointed out that there were no problems among those who applied the vaccine: “We want to show society that you have to get vaccinated, that this vaccine must be given, that it will give us the possibility to return to the normality that we need, to recover, to immunize ourselves ”.

Meanwhile, the deputy governor spoke of the increase in infections that occurred in recent days and reiterated the need to continue with care. “We have had very important outbreaks, we must not neglect ourselves. I want to speak especially to the youngest, we understand that it has been a difficult year, that they have had to be locked up, that they have energy, strength and drive that must be enjoyed but we must still take care of ourselves “he warned.

In that line, he said that “Yesterday we returned to a very large number of infections, and in the province of Buenos Aires the highest number of infections is occurring in the interior. You have to use the chinstrap, keep the distance of two meters and that also do it when we vacation. Of course, wash your hands regularly and, when we are outside, use alcohol gel ”.

For his part, Mayor Nardini was grateful for the presence and support of Magario “who had the gesture of choosing our municipal Health System to be vaccinated against this virus that has not yet finished.” And he concluded with his thanks to the health personnel: “They have put everything in this year and have made an enormous effort to take care of us and now it’s up to us to take care of them with this vaccine and we are very happy about that.”


Yesterday, the Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillof, led a meeting with the mayors of the municipalities of the Atlantic Coast and they resolved not to take new restrictive measures for the time being, although they warned of a “marked and accelerated” growth of COVID cases and pointed to the “relaxation” of society.

“We have a very positive season that is running. That in itself is an achievement, but we have seen a marked and accelerated growth of cases“, Kicillof said in the press conference he gave after the meeting.

Consequently, the governor pointed out that, together with the mayors, he determined “to place much more emphasis on compliance with the measures, protocols and care campaigns” and added: “We have to raise awareness among all young people and all age groups who have relaxed.”

Also participating in the conference were the Chief of Staff of Kicillof, Carlos White, and the Ministers of Health and Safety, Daniel Gollan and Sergio Berni.

Sergio Berni’s message to young people

During his speech, Bianco explained: “This week we have 15 districts that go down the phase. Today we have nine municipalities in phase 3 and another eight districts are added to phase 4 ”. Also, Berni argued that “young people accumulate, they do not comply with the measures.”

“This is my message to that youth: I am from the generation of 62, where many of my generation spent four months in a trench, with a rifle on their shoulders and frozen defending the interests of the country. None of them thought of going out to dance. Today the youth have the possibility and historical responsibility to look after the interests of the homeland ”, said the head of the Security portfolio.

Finally, Gollán stressed that there had been “a very strong decrease in consultations for coronavirus until December 8” but that “Since December 25 there is a practically vertical increase” and he warned that “it is a very bad indicator.”

“We came with 20% positivity. Now we are at 40% in the last two weeks and with a growth trend, “added the head of the Buenos Aires health portfolio.

In addition to Barrera, the mayors Sebastián Lanantuoni (General Alvarado); José Rodríguez Ponte (General Lavalle); Guillermo Montenegro (Mar del Plata); Carlos Santoro (General Madariaga); Cristian Cardozo (Party of the Coast); Juan Manuel Álvarez (General Paz); José Paredi (Mar Chiquita); Alejandro Dichiara (Monte Hermoso); Martín Yeza (Pinamar); Sergio Bordoni (Tornquist); Carlos Sánchez (Tres Arroyos) and Gustavo Barrera (Villa Gesell).

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