The brother of 36-year-old Ekaterina Varnava, Aleksey, does not even know the phone number of a relative. Recently, they are rare. According to the man, they just have little in common with their sister. “I don’t really like what she does. All these gimps … She lives in a completely different world. I am not saying that it is pathetic. No. She is a worthy person in many things, ”he says.

Alexei does not approve of changes in Barnabas’s appearance. A relative believes that Catherine needs to be more natural. “Of course she has changed. Not all of this. I am an opponent of this. If she had listened to me, I would have injected her into the brain so that she would not do such things, ”says the comedian’s brother.

Alexey admits that the main split in the relationship occurred after a series of family misfortunes. “She very rarely began to appear at my mother’s, father united us all. But, first, the brother, and then the father left tragically, ”says a relative of the star.

Barnabas also did not tell anyone about the fate of his older brother – Igor. The man died at the age of 47 due to a detached blood clot. However, this incident had a specific reason. “The older brother fell in love and decided to lose weight in order to please the girl. I started taking some pills. He lost a lot of weight, and this affected important organs, ”Aleksey does not hide.

By the way, Barnabas did not introduce her brother to her chosen one, director Alexander Molochnikov. However, she introduced her beloved to her mother. Together with her parent, she went to the theater. Alexey, on the other hand, is not interested in his sister’s personal life. Although in the program “Stars came together” on the NTV channel, he fondly recalls Katya’s ex-boyfriend, Mitya Khrustalev, who once helped them a lot.

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