The brother of the skater told about the relationship between the heir of Ilya Averbukh – Martin – and his new stepmother. Daniel, who during the pandemic settled in the athlete’s country mansion with his family, managed to feel the warm atmosphere that reigns in this house. He got to know Liza Arzamasova better, because he did not manage to attend the wedding.

According to the man, they lived together for three months, cooked dinners, did art and sports. Daniel noted that his nephew got along well with the actress. “Lisa and son Ilya have a super-duper relationship,” he said.

A relative of the athlete admitted that in childhood he did not often communicate with his brother, because he was constantly absent at home due to his profession. However, upon his return, Averbukh Sr. showered the younger with expensive foreign souvenirs. “When I was little, everything revolved around Ilya’s activities,” added Daniil in the “Stars came together” program on the NTV channel.

By the way, the skater forbade his brother to skate. Having experienced all the difficulties of this sport, Averbukh advised his relative to choose a different direction. Daniel searched for himself for a long time, was fond of martial arts and tennis. Eventually, he began to practice fencing professionally. Now the athlete’s brother teaches, and the fame of the Averbukh surname helps him in finding clients.

Recall that it is not known exactly when Averbukh and Arzamasova began to meet. The couple carefully guarded their happiness from prying eyes. And later it turned out that Ilya had lived with Lisa for several years even before the wedding. The actress shared: she managed to quickly find an approach to the son of her lover from a previous marriage with Irina Lobacheva. She noted that she dreams of becoming Martin’s friend and support.

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