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British decide – police get more money to search for Maddie

The UK police are getting more money to find Maddie McCann.

Like the newspaper „The Sun“ reported, a further £ 350,000 will be made available for the years 2021 and 2022, which corresponds to around 406,000 euros.

The money was approved by the Home Office and is used to solve the missing person’s case from 2007. The amount was requested from the Metropolitan Police Service, the London Police Department. Its director, Cressida Dick, recently announced that the search for Maddie McCann would continue as long as necessary.

The then three-year-old girl disappeared in Portugal on May 3, 2007 and has been missing since then. In 2011 the British police set up their own investigation team under the name “Operation Grange”. The 350,000 euros will also go there.

Since the investigation team was convened, the investigators have spent around 12.5 million British pounds, that is more than 14.5 million euros. The money comes from tax revenues. The police have to apply for new funds every year.

Maddie McCann’s fate has touched people all over the world. Parents Kate and Gerald McCann were on vacation with Maddie and their two siblings in Praia da Luz in Portugal in 2007. While the parents were having dinner, the then three-year-old disappeared from a holiday resort.

The search for the child received worldwide media coverage, police officers in several countries investigated – to this day without success.

In June 2020 it became known that the Braunschweig public prosecutor was investigating Christian B., who had several criminal records, on suspicion of the murder of Maddie McCann. The German is currently in prison for rape.

Out of jail, Christian B. wrote a lamentable letter in which he had demanded the resignation of the responsible public prosecutor.

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