In 2015, a former special forces major of the internal troops with combat experience was given eight years for possession of 280 kg of synthetic drugs in his own garage. Spice was packaged in kilogram bags. According to experts, up to seven tons of a deadly potion could be made from it. The cost of such a batch on the black market is estimated at 16 billion rubles.

Dmitry admitted guilt and explained that he was not a drug lord at all, but a needy person who committed a crime because of a difficult situation. During the last months in the colony, he was very ill.

Just a fact: They say that the prototype of Sasha Bely from the “Brigade” was the ringleader of the Orekhovskaya organized criminal group – Sylvester (Sergei Timofeev).


Artur Smolyaninov’s skinhead brother wants to become a “death eater” after leaving prison

Former husband of Aiza Anokhina faces 6 years in prison

Mobile communications will be cut off in Russian prisons

Anastasia Dashko from “House-2” spoke about the first days in the pre-trial detention center

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