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Bridges, rest days and vacations for this 2021

In this 2021 the COVID-19 pandemic continues, but there will be official days of rest, including bridges and vacations, so according to the law they are mandatory for all workers.

There will also be days in which there will be no classes for basic education due to a meeting of the School Technical Council.

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The first bridge of the year will be Monday, February 1, and on the 19th will be a meeting of the school technical council.


At the end of the month there will be delivery of the evaluation report, so on Friday 12 the teachers will have their second day for administrative discharge.

The second bridge will be on March 15, prior to the holidays of Easter week, which will cover the weeks of April 29 to 2, and from April 5 to 9 April.

The school technical council will meet on April 12, so activities will resume on the 12th.


On May 5 there is no work, while on May 21 there are no activities due to a meeting of the School Technical Council.


The 28th will be an administrative discharge for teachers prior to the delivery of the ballot in July; on the 25th there will be a session of the School Technical Council.


The school year ends on the 9th.


There are no days of suspension of work or mandatory in the year.


Thursday, September 16. Mexico’s independence day.


There is no day set as a holiday or holiday.


Tuesday, November 2. Day of the Dead is not an official day; however, some institutions do grant it, due to the tradition of remembering loved ones.

Monday, November 15. It is considered official, due to the commemoration of the Mexican Revolution, which is on Saturday, November 20.


Friday December 24th. It will be Christmas Eve and it is not official, but some companies consider them as rest.

Saturday, December 25. Christmas celebration.

In the event that you are asked to work during the days marked as mandatory, you have the right to a payment, regardless of your salary, that is, you must be paid the normal salary plus double, in accordance with article 75 of the Federal Labor Law. Job.

In addition, if the mandatory rest coincides with the weekly rest (Sunday), the payment of the Sunday premium must also be covered.

Bridge days remain

On May 20, the Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués reported that after having spoken with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and due to the importance of domestic tourism for the industry, the established long weekends will continue.

This, after eliminating them had been considered.

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