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Bridal makeup: The long-awaited collection is here

‘We all need a bit of magic in our lives, especially now, right?’ Val Garland, the makeup expert and ambassador for L’Oreal Paris on the most recent collaboration of the French conglomerate with the fashion firm Elie Saab. A collaboration that is undoubtedly magical.

The designer Elie Saab, known for his edgy and ultra feminine ‘haute couture’ dresses, worn by the biggest brides and Hollywood celebrities, exploited all his talents to create a line (super accessible) makeup that is now available in the UK.

Empowering women is, after all, one of the life motives of Elie Saab. ‘My passion has always been for women to feel beautiful, and makeup has this property of highlighting the natural beauty of each one of them. As the final point of a ‘look’ or as the gateway to the world of haute couture, this makeup line will allow all women to experience the magic touch of Elie Saab ‘, says the designer intelligently.

Val Garland who has worked with the designer to create the ‘looks’ for the catwalk was also a participant in this line. The duo wanted to create a palette that reflected “the brilliance of the handmade embroidery that is so characteristic of their fantasy dresses,” Garland explains.

‘I wanted to translate that vision with this makeup, by incorporating subtle shimmer finishes in the glitter and eyeshadow, so I can best reflect her designs.

The result is a collection of four products which includes a glorious eyeshadow palette, filled with velvety and shimmering shades that go perfectly with any skin type.

The line includes a mascara called ‘Le Volume Haute Couture’; a ‘lip gloss’ called ‘Le Brilliant Haute Couture’ (with three types of ‘nude’ shades) and a lipstick called ‘Color Richie’ that comes in four exclusive colors.

The collection is very accessible, but the formulas give a luxurious finish and the packaging is also very sophisticated. Feather details, transparent veils and silver accessories from the brand’s latest show are reflected in the products.

Because the collection is based on ‘nude’ tones, it is perfect for those who want a natural touch and it is perfect for future brides.

Whether it’s a bit of lip gloss or smudging eyes, it’s smooth, flattering makeup that’s easy to incorporate into any beauty routine. And for less than $ 30, it becomes truly irresistible.

Article originally published in Vogue UK,

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