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Brexit miracle with bitter consequences: Johnson announces bad news for tens of thousands of young Europeans

The Brexit negotiations seemed to be approaching failure in the past few weeks – now there has been a surprising turnaround. Europe’s top politicians expressed confidence.

  • Shortly before the end of the transition phase on December 31, it’s done: A Deal between the UK and the EU. (see first report)
  • Boris Johnson was obviously relieved. The pictures speak for themselves. (see update from December 24th, 5:23 p.m.)
  • That also means for young Europeans Brexi * a serious incision. (see update from December 25th, 4.40 p.m.)
  • This News-Ticker is continuously updated.

Update from December 26th, 10:03 am: The news of Trade agreement between Great Britain and the EU made the rounds on Christmas Eve. But what exactly does it say? With impatience will continue on Details waited out of the agreement. So far, both sides have only published summaries, the more than 1200-page text of the contract is still pending. Especially for that Companies but the details are important. “Companies will immediately study the details as soon as they can,” said Tony Danker, general director of the British business association CBI (Confederation of British Industry), according to dpa after the breakthrough was announced.

Brexit: Great Britain withdraws from the European Erasmus program – reason: “extremely expensive”

Update from December 25th, 4.40 p.m .: Despite the Christmas trade agreement: The Brexi means painful incisions for some people. It is now clear that there are many young people in this group Students in Europe will belong. After more than 30 years, the UK is stepping out of the post-Brexit agreement European Erasmus program for students.

It was a “difficult decision”, said the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday after the agreement on a Trade agreement between London and Brussels. The program was “extremely expensive” for his country, Johnson justified the move.

The prime minister also announced a replacement program. He wanted to enable British students to study at the “best universities” in the world and not just in Europe. For the currently scarce 150,000 students from EU countries enrolled in UK universities However, studying abroad at universities in the UK is likely to become more expensive and difficult.

Brexit: trade pact is in place, big tasks are waiting – meeting on Monday?

Update from December 25th, 3:33 p.m .: The Brexit trade pact has been found in principle after a long hangover – but it is 27 member states still have to approve the result of the negotiations. The German spokesman spoke of a “huge task”. The real thing Trade agreement has a volume of 1246 pages. There are also other agreements, a total of 1298 pages of contract text. These must now be checked in the 27 member states.

According to information from the news agency AFP is a meeting of EU Ambassador planned on monday. If all goes well there, the ambassadors will initiate a written procedure that would pave the way for the signing and provisional application of the agreement. The preliminary application was “an extraordinary step,” said the spokesman for the German EU presidency. The aim is “a significant disruption of relations between the I and Great Britain with serious consequences for citizens and businesses ”after the end of the transition period on January 1st.

Also in Great Britain the approval process was initiated. To this end, Parliament is to be called to an extraordinary session on December 30th. The Labor Party has already announced that it will vote for the agreement. This would mean that deviants in the conservative government camp would not prevent approval.

Brexit deal at Christmas: EU member states agree on trade deals

Update from December 25th, 12 noon: The EU member states have with the examination of the Brexit Trade Agreements started with Great Britain. EU negotiator Michel barnier informed the ambassadors of the 27 member states on Friday morning in Brussels about the outcome of the negotiations, as a spokesman for the German EU Presidency announced on Twitter. Accordingly, the contract text is 1246 pages long. The spokesman called it a “daunting task” to review the deal in the coming days.

On the EU side, all governments must 27 member states still approve the negotiation result, in Great Britain Parliament must agree. The aim is for the agreement to come into force on January 1st. Ratification by the European Parliament should take place in retrospect at the beginning of 2021.

Update from December 24th, 6.48pm: “The European unity and stability have paid off”: France’s head of state too Emmanuel Macron has the agreement at Brexit trade pact between the EU and the UK welcomed. France often followed a hardline line in the Brexit tussle.

“The deal with the UK is important to protect our citizens, our fishermen and our producers,” continued Macron away. One will now convince oneself whether this is really the case. “Europe is moving forward and can look forward to a united, independent and strong future,” said Macron.

Christmas miracles! Brexit deal stands – Merkel and Johnson react

Update from December 24th, 5:23 p.m .: “I think this is a good deal for all of Europe,” said Boris Johnson about the final Brexit deal. “We will be your friend, your partner, your supporter, and let’s not forget your number one market.” Chancellor Merkel and Ursula von der Leyen reacted in a similar way.

From the point of view of the Johnson administration, the deal is up achieved everythingwhat the UK public wanted with the 2016 Brexit referendum. “We have regained control of our money, our borders, our laws, our trade and our fishing grounds,” said the government. At the same time grant the agreement Duty-free and unlimited exports to the EU.

Boris Johnson showed on Twitter that he is very happy about the deal. He posted a photo of himself holding both thumbs in the air. “The deal is done”he wrote.

Update from December 24th, 4:34 pm: Chancellor Angela Merkel* has the Brexit agreement (see first report) when historical appreciated. “With the agreement we are creating the basis for a new chapter in our relationship,” said the CDU *-Politician . “Great Britain will continue to be an important partner for Germany and for the European Union outside of the European Union.” The agreement was “of historical importance”.

Christmas miracles! Brexit deal stands after agreement on the last crucial point – Merkel reacts

Merkel agreed to check the text quickly. The Federal Cabinet will agree on the German position by telephone next Monday. “I am very confident that we have a good result here,” said the Chancellor. All member states and the EU Parliament must agree to the agreement.

Christmas miracles! Brexit deal stands – agreement with EU on the last crucial point

Our first report from December 24th: London – At Brexi a hard economic break seems to have been averted: after months of debates about one Trade Pact is the I and Great Britain reached an agreement. Both sides confirmed this on Thursday afternoon. Head of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen and negotiators Michel barnier announced a press conference an.

The trade agreement aims at the economic relations between the island and the continent January 2021 regulate. The most important point is duties avoid and ensure the smoothest possible trade. But the contract also includes the Fishing as well as cooperation on energy, transport, justice, police and many other topics.

Brexit agreement with the Johnson government: negotiations were on the verge of failure

A very last one Sticking point, which had been heatedly debated for weeks: the receipt of EU fishermen to British waters. The clarification of the last details dragged on many hours until Thursday noon. Finally, a compromise was found here too.

The negotiations should actually have been concluded in October. Several times they were on the verge of failure. The agreement promises Great Britain exports to the EU internal market without tariffs and without volume restrictions. For this, however, the EU demands fair competitive conditions – the so-called Level Playing Field. What is meant are the same environmental, social and subsidy standards.

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the Brexit PC on December 21 – negotiations dragged on.

© Tolga Akmen / various sources / AFP

Great Britain in Brexit negotiations – Corona mutation exacerbates the situation

The last time the Corona-Pandemie * further pressure built up in the UK. After a mutated variant of Sars-CoV-2 was discovered, France had its borders for at times traffic closed from UK. That’s why thousands of trucks jammed on the British side – from the point of view of critics a foretaste of the situation in one No-Deal-Brexit.

The British voters in 2016 voted with a narrow majority in favor of leaving the EU. Prime Minister Boris Johnson won the parliamentary election in 2019, among other things, with the announcement that Brexit would actually be carried out. As a central point, he repeatedly mentioned regaining sovereignty and control over one’s own borders and laws. (dpa / frs)* is part of the Ippen-Digital editorial network.

Rubriklistenbild: © Paul Grover/Daily Telegraph/PA Wire/dpa

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