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Brazil’s sugar production falls 35% at the beginning of the season due to low activity of sugar mills

Apr 27 (Reuters) – Brazil’s sugar production in the first weeks of April was 35% lower than in the same period last year, as fewer mills started the processing campaign and the proportion of sweetener is less than cultivation of previous cane, the Unique industry group said Tuesday.

Sugar production in the southern center of Brazil was just 624,000 tons in the first half of April compared to 971,000 tons produced in the same period of 2020. Cane milling was estimated at 15.6 million tons, 30% less than in the same fortnight last year, the firm said.

Ethanol production fell 25% to 731 million liters in the period, but that volume includes 111 million liters of fuel made from corn.

Única said that 141 mills in the central south region were processing sugar cane in the first half of April, compared to 180 active plants in the same period last year, as some companies have decided to wait to start the season in order to allow time to crop growth after drier-than-usual weather in recent months.

The technical director of Única, Antonio de Padua Rodrigues, said that industrial returns were not ideal either. Total recoverable sugar (TRS) was 108 kilos per ton of cane, almost 4% less than the level of the previous year.

(Report by Marcelo Teixeira. Edited in Spanish by Marion Giraldo)

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