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Brazilian footballer will be tried for the fatal run over of two teachers

Brazilian footballer Marcinho, from Athletico Paranaense, will be tried for the death of a couple of teachers who he ran over and did not give help, as reported this Friday by the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice.

A criminal court in Rio de Janeiro accepted the complaint filed by the Prosecutor’s Office against the 24-year-old side, who will answer for a crime of “culpable homicide” -when there is no intention to kill-, with the aggravation of “not having stopped to help to the victims”.

The accident occurred on December 30 at around 8:30 p.m. local time when professors María Cristina José Soares and Alexandre Silva de Lima were crossing an avenue in the west of the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

At the time, Marcio Almeida de Oliveira, better known as Marcinho, was a Botafogo player and three months later he signed for Athletico Paranaense, which was criticized on social media by club fans.

According to the Public Ministry, before the fatal accident, Marcinho was driving his vehicle, a Mini Cooper, “recklessly” and zigzagging on the road, at a speed of between 86 and 110 kilometers per hour, when the maximum allowed is 70 .

“After the accident, the vehicle was abandoned” in a parallel street, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, which also included in the complaint that, hours before the event, Marcinho consumed “at least five glasses of beer” in a restaurant in the city .

Judge Rudi Loewenkron, in charge of the case, affirmed that the Public Ministry’s demand “adequately describes the criminal conduct attributed” to Marcinho, with “evidence of authorship and materiality gathered in the police investigation.”

For this reason, the magistrate gave continuity to the complaint and called on the soccer player to present his defense in the trial, in which he will face a sentence of two to four years in prison, which could be increased due to the omission of Help. AND

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