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Bow killer kills 5 people in Norway – the horror lasted 34 minutes

Oslo – The first emergency call was received by the police in Kongsberg, Norway at 6.13 p.m. 34 minutes later, the scary bow killer (37) killed four women and a man (50-70 years old) and injured two more people!

The police arrested a 37-year-old Dane at 6.47 p.m. on Wednesday who had lived in the small town (25,000 inhabitants) about 80 kilometers southwest of the Norwegian capital. During the night he confessed to investigating the bloody act.

According to the police, only one thing is certain: the bow killer went on a manhunt alone! Øyvind Aas, police chief: “We are investigating whether the act is a terrorist act.”

The 37-year-old first ran through the city with arrows and a bow. Among other things, he shot at an office building. The employees were still at work. They heard a bang as the arrow struck the wall. Then the attacker stormed into a Coop-Extra supermarket – and shot at the customers! Witnesses then heard terrible screams and the supermarket alarm went off. An eyewitness told the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet: “We then saw a man come into the supermarket. He had an arrow in his back and said, ‘It went well, I’m going to the emergency room now.’ “

Other witnesses reported other horrific scenes. Local resident Thomas Nilsen said he heard the killer shoot a woman. He said, “I’ve never heard a scream like this, it was a death scream. I will never forget these screams. “

The attacks occurred in several places in the city, according to the police. The center was cordoned off over a large area. Heavily armed officers then patrolled the empty streets and a helicopter circled the area. Today the police want to give more details in a press conference.

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