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Bow Killer – “He was a ticking time bomb”

Oslo – After the terrible murder in Kongsberg, the whole of Norway wonders why the scary bow-and-arrow killer could not be stopped long before the crime.

The man (37) killed four women and a man (50 to 70 years old) on Wednesday evening and injured two other people. The police arrested the suspect Dane at 6.47 p.m. on Wednesday, who had lived in the small town (25,000 inhabitants) about 80 kilometers southwest of the Norwegian capital. During the night he confessed the bloody act to the investigators.

The day after the insane act, investigators announced that the killer had converted to Islam and radicalized himself prior to his act. He has been in the focus of the authorities for a long time. But they couldn’t stop him, even though it had been known for years that the man could be dangerous!

As „VG“ reported, a childhood friend of the 37-year-old had already alerted the police in 2017 because he suspected that something was wrong with his old buddy.

The reason was a video of the perpetrator previously posted on YouTube. In a confused monologue there he professed Islam, declared that he was a “messenger” who had to proclaim a warning: “The time has come.”

Startled by the “manifesto”, the childhood friend wrote an email to the police, warning that the police “could do something really terrible”. The old buddy said to “VG”: “He was a ticking time bomb.”

Apparently nothing happened at the time. At a press conference on Thursday, investigators said they had known the video for a long time.

Investigator Hans Sverre Sjøvold: “We knew the video he published in 2017 where he issued a warning. Unfortunately, very many people threaten acts of violence. The big challenge is to distinguish the empty threats from the real ones. “

The former buddy immediately thought of his radical childhood friend when he heard about the rampage. He has not seen him since 2017.

“He used to be very nice, but he didn’t get the help he needed. He was very ill, sat alone in his apartment for several years and no one helped him. Everyone abandoned him. He just sat there and waited for something to happen. If the police did not deal with my report back then in 2017 and did nothing, it must be investigated. “

In several media in Norway, the perpetrator was described as “mentally ill” on Thursday.

The 37-year-old perpetrator has a Norwegian father and a Danish mother, but lived in Norway for most of his life.

His father obtained an injunction against him in May 2020, and the 37-year-old has not been allowed to visit his father since May 29, 2020. He appeared there and threatened to kill the father. The father and his family asked him to go, but he didn’t. Before he actually left, he put a revolver on his father’s sofa. The father saw this as an indirect threat.

In 2012, the 37-year-old was convicted of breaking into the local Kongsberg mine museum. He had also traded hash and was sentenced to 60 days probation at the time.

A neighbor of the 37-year-old reported to the newspaper “VG” that the police had been to the 37-year-old twice in the summer of 2020 and that he often watched him “fought” in the garden with various sticks or swords.

The neighbor: “It wasn’t elegant fencing, it was all very brutal. I hated it, I thought he was a thug or something. He was always alone, it was quite a mess with him. All of this together ensured that I didn’t feel good about him. “

Documents show that the police showed up once in the summer because he rang his father’s doorbell again despite the injunction.

The bow killer will be brought before the magistrate on Friday.

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