Boudou asked to annul lawsuits against former officials victims of lawfare

Former vice president Beloved Boudou He repudiated the decision of the Justice to revoke his house arrest and asked that the trials that were carried out during the macrismo against former officials be annulled and carried out again.

Axel Kicillof, Campaign Diary (part 2)

“The best thing that could happen to Argentina is that all trout are revealed that were made during these years, this would draw. Everyone can argue, but here there were purchased witnesses, expertise that was not allowed to be made, the original complaint made by a former soldier who was a service, there are only sayings, sayings of journalists or of a paid type, “replied the former vice president in dialogue with The Uncover Radio.

Faced with this situation, he pointed out that “the most healing thing would be to be able to discuss this in a judgment system, you have to cancel them and make the judgments again ” warning that “the failure is an act of cruelty.” “I certainly thought that one year in power, the lawfare was not going to be like this. I am in some sense an anecdote. The main political victim is Cristina “, he asserted.

“We must be concerned about the persecutory power of the Judiciary”, The former official claimed and recalled that “the murder of Floreal Avellaneda has been sleeping in the Court for years. It is seen that judicial work is selective.” “I don’t regret anything, no way. We must deepen everything we did. Warren Buffet expressed it: the class struggle continues and the rich are winning by a landslide, “he emphasized.

In that sense, Boudou replied that “trying to solve the class struggle with kind conversations is like believing in black magic” and said: “There is no legal fact in my case. They are court rulings that confirm media rulings “and” The ruling that revokes my domicile came out earlier in La Nación for my lawyers to be notified. “

“They cover abortion and pension reform with a judicial agenda that is spurious. My concern is the trout sentence that I have, not the domiciliary or not“attacked the former vice president. “The judge has a materialistic view of the parent-child relationship. The Obligado judge had been asking for reports but with 2 days of Clarín, he made a decision without waiting for the reports that he himself requested, “he said.

Likewise, the former official recalled: “My case was in court for a few months and then they resolved without looking at it. And they have others for years. It is clear that they treat each topic very differently. The Court has been dealing with the case of Floreal Avellaneda for 7 years, a 15-year-old boy murdered during the dictatorship. And they solved mine without looking at it. “

“The Court has a bias to help those who committed crimes against humanity. The best thing that could happen to Argentina is that all the trout that have passed these years are revealed. That is what would really heal, “he claimed, insisting that in his judicial process “There were purchased witnesses, the original complaint made by an intelligence service. There is no proof.”

“I think I have to annul my judgment and do it again. The sentence is null “, sentenced.

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