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Boston Dynamics: New York Police Deploy Robot Dog Spot in the Bronx

The New York Police Department (NYPD) responded via Twitter on the skepticism that met the use of robots. “The NYPD has been using robots since the 1970s,” it says, “to save lives in hostage situations and dangerous goods incidents.” The spot is currently being tested to compare its capabilities with other models.

The robots are net heroes

Many Boston Dynamics robots are web stars, so to speak. Videos on the performance of the spot have gone around the world in the past through social networks and media, including a comparatively recent clip in which he cleans up, opens doors and pots plants.

A few days ago, a copy of the spot, priced around $ 75,000 each, hit the headlines because artists had equipped it with a paintball gun. Boston Dynamics publicly distanced itself from this video streaming campaign. They condemn the display of their technology “in a way that encourages violence, harm and intimidation,” said the company.

It was obviously about a break-in

According to FreedomNewsTV, the spot was used in the Bronx after an armed burglary. The police did not know whether there was still a suspect at the scene, they say. The New York Post reports that an NYPD spokeswoman said the robot was equipped with lights and cameras. In this way, he enables the police to see his surroundings in real time, so to speak.

Criticism of the use of the robot also came from the Democratic Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. You referred on Twitter on itthat surveillance robots are now being used in low-income areas with underserved schools where people of color live. “Please ask yourself,” she continued, “When was the last time you saw the next generation of world-class technology for education, health care, housing and so on being consistently prioritized for underserved areas like this?”

The New York Post points out in its article that it was not the first time that the New York police had their robot dog to support them. A similar deployment was documented in October, back in Brooklyn.

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