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Boris Galkin’s wife: “My mother was the first to notice his love. I was thinking about another person “

73-year-old Boris Galkin recalls how he fell in love with a young artist during one of the film festivals. The artist decided to introduce himself to Inna Razumikhina, who was then involved in the concert program, and to express his sympathy. “I was not going to get to know him, he approached me himself. We exchanged pleasantries and he left. He gave me the song, that’s all, ”the singer shares.

However, the story did not end there. Boris Sergeevich began to look after Razumikhina. True, she did not even imagine that the artist had far-reaching plans. Inna was in love with another man, and it was not she herself who guessed about Galkin’s feelings, but her parent. “His love long before our relationship was noticed by my mother, and I was neither in sleep nor in spirit. I was thinking about another person, ”says the artist’s wife.

By the way, Galkin’s wife does not hide, later she was conquered by the sincerity of the chosen one and she gave herself up to suddenly surging emotions. “He chased me everywhere, stood under the windows. It was very charming. Beautiful … He did some deeds, courted. I understood that it was from the heart, ”says Razumikhina.

The couple got married in 2013, and four years later their heiress, Anna, was born. The girl is already following in the footsteps of stellar parents and is making music. At the same time, the baby forbids mom and dad to sing and play instruments in her presence. “It all comes to hysteria. She says that only she will sing, ”says the wife of Boris Sergeevich.

Galkin himself, in addition to concert performances, devotes a lot of time to the acting profession. Although not all specialists agree to work with him, the artist is strongly involved in the process, likes to edit lines, and also act as a director. “I often refuse to act in films. Yes, and there are not so many offers. It happens that producers become a hindrance. I am also working on the script, changing the words, “he adds in the When Everybody Is Home program on the Russia 1 channel.

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