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Book gives hope – nurse finds happiness in the Congo

Actually everything spoke against this love! But these two – Frida Toto (36) from Sweden and Nicolas Toto (34) from the Congo – have shown the world that anything is possible. Love knows no boundaries and no obstacles. Despite all the difficulties, they now live happily in Sweden, are parents of three children and full of plans. Because they see their future in Africa.

Frida Toto is a nurse. She comes from a religious family in Mölnlycke (Sweden). After completing her training, she applied to “African mercy”, an international organization that helps the sick on the world’s poorest coasts. So she came to the Congo in the city of Pointe-Noire on the Atlantic coast. “I was looking for adventure too,” she admits. “I didn’t just want to donate money.”

Meet on the beach

Your work in Pointe-Noire was tough. She treated children with severe deformities and women who struggled with health problems after giving birth. But she had free time that she liked to spend on the beach. There she saw Nicolas, a young man without legs, in 2013. He had lost her in a train accident. Now he lived on fishing and slept and lived in his little boat. As a nurse, she wanted to help him, but he refused her help.

The two of them met again and again in the evenings on the beach. They laughed and talked. “I longed for our beach meetings,” says Frida today. And he adds: “She was different from all other women.”

When the rainy season came, she finally persuaded him to move from his boat to a small room. And slowly they became a couple. Nicolas hesitated. “What could I offer her? Nothing! ”But Frida knows what she had found: the love of her life.

“I fell in love with his energy and his joie de vivre. He had such a hard life, but he never whined. “

They have been in Sweden for a few years now and are the parents of three children: Espoir (6), Abigail (3) and Benjamin, who is just a few months old. “Who would have thought that I would one day live like this?” Says Nicolas.

A book should give hope

Above all, Frida was happy that her parents supported her in all of her plans. Because the way from the Congo to Sweden was not easy. But thanks to family and friends, they made it. Now they have published a book together with the author Emelie Rönnerfors: “The wild way”. “We hope that this book, filled with joy and pain, gives hope to other people in a similar situation.”

The dream of africa

But their dreams are not over yet. Because your next destination is called the Congo. “A day’s journey from the capital Kinshasa is a small village: Seke Banza. We bought a piece of land there. We want to open a training center here – on the fringes of society. People should be able to learn various practical professions here so that they can later provide for themselves. We also want to open a children’s home because so many orphaned children sleep on the streets in the Congo. We call our project “Garden of Hope“. We know this is a big project. “

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