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BMW Just 4-2 Concept, when in Munich they wanted to create the German Caterham

The world of concept cars is at least curious, especially for some proposals that, unfortunately, never went into production. In this case the BMW Just 4-2 Concept, a prototype with which BMW wanted to vindicate the philosophy of “less is more”, which was transmitted in some production models.

The German house presented the also known as BMW Z21 at the Tokyo Salon in 1995, where he astonished everyone present. And it is that the BMW proposal combined features of a buggy with those of a kart and a car to use, a most promising pairing.

BMW Just 4-2 Concept: a prototype where low weight was everything

At the design level we find a quite timeless set. On the front stand out the mythical kidneys of BMW next to two small round headlights that arise from the defense. At the same time, the BMW Just 4-2 Concept lacked a windshield, only sported a wind deflector, and the door panels were removable.

BMW-Glas 3000 V8 (1967): one of the few BMWs without a double kidney grille

The rear showed the pilots integrated into a plastic bar, leaving almost all the mechanical components to be exposed, as well as the two central tailpipes. The cabin, how could it be less, was spartan to say enough, leaving intact the essential components to drive.

However, the most interesting section of the Just 4-2 Concept We find it in its mechanical section. Here, BMW engineers opted for a four-cylinder engine from the K1110 motorcycle, which was capable of delivering 100 hp. It seems little, but if we take into account that it only weighed 550 kilos, things change.

Video: BMW tells the story of the BMW M3 E30 Johnny Cecotto Edition

With all this, the German kart managed to cover 0 to 100 in six seconds and a maximum speed of approximately 190 km/h. And it is that the maximum of BMW with the BMW Just 4-2 Concept was to offer a perfect weight-power ratio.

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