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BMW Group celebrates 20 years of producing MINI cars

2021 is an extremely iconic year for the BMW Group, especially for MINI, as it marks the 20th anniversary of the start of production in the new era of the British-born company.

MINI and the BMW Group production plants in Oxford and Swindon, UK celebrate the 20th anniversary of the production of the original small car for the 21st century.

This story began in early 2001, with the production of MINI body parts in Swindon. And a little later, on April 26, the first new MINI rolled off the assembly line at Oxford.

Since then, MINI has manufactured more than five million units in Great Britain. At the moment, at the Oxford plant they are assembled on the same production line; the three-door and five-door MINI, the MINI Clubman and the all-electric MINI Cooper SE.

More than 4,500 employees work at MINI’s plants in Oxford and Swindon, and together they manufacture 1,000 units every day, or one every 67 seconds.

Both MINI plants have a long tradition as production facilities: cars have been built there for 65 years in Swindon and for 108 years in Oxford.

The Oxford plant took a brisk step into the future in 2020 when the brand’s first fully electric model, the MINI Cooper SE, rolled off the production line.

And that was just the beginning: in the early 2030s, MINI will be the first brand in the BMW Group to have all models powered exclusively by electricity.

Over the past 20 years, the Oxford and Swindon plants have been instrumental in making MINI production more sustainable and are essential to the BMW Group’s strategy to further reduce emissions.

The MINI brand and manufacture in Great Britain:

  • April 26, 2001 MINI production started at the Oxford plant.
  • 2002 100,000th MINI leaves the Oxford plant, just 13 months after the start of production.
  • 2004 The MINI Convertible is introduced.
  • 2006 The Hams Hall plant produces a new generation of engines and supplies Oxford for MINI production, creating the British MINI production triangle of the three plants. The MINI Cooper S is presented with the John Cooper Works GP kit.
  • 2007 The Oxford plant is the BMW Group’s first production site to use IPP (Integrated Paint Process). This highly innovative system brings energy savings and emission reductions of more than ten percent when painting housings.
  • 2008 The new MINI Clubman hits the market.
  • 2009 Start of the MINI E test, with the support of the UK government. BMW Group global field test to assess the technical and social aspects of everyday life with an all-electric vehicle
  • 2010 The brand’s first all-wheel drive model, the MINI Countryman, is launched.
  • 2011 Expansion of the model range to include the MINI Coupé.
  • 2012 The MINI Roadster hits the market.
  • 2013 Premiere of the MINI Paceman.
  • 2014 The first 5-door MINI hits the market.
  • 2016 The latest generation of the MINI Convertible is announced.
  • 2017 The second generation MINI Countryman is introduced.
  • 2019 MINI’s Oxford plant is building its 10 millionth MINI.
  • January 2020 Production of the MINI Cooper SE begins at the Oxford plant. The all-electric MINI is fully integrated into the production process.
  • March 2021 MINI confirms that the brand’s latest model with an internal combustion engine will be presented in 2025. From the early 2030s, the brand will drive exclusively electrically.

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