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Blouses that are trending today and will continue to be for the next five years

Blouses are, for indisputable reasons, a very important garment in our day to day, but until recently we used them for the mere purpose of dressing no matter how flashy or not they were, even more so if we have always focused on having a much more interesting and elegant variety of pants and skirts. But with video calls, this changed dramatically. What we carried from the trunk down went to the background and blouses have become the centerpiece of all our outfits.

The trends of the moment point to a season where tops predominate for their designs, volumes, fabrics and unique colors. Spring will continue to be a time full of comfortable clothes, but with a necessary touch of romanticism and sensuality, to wake us up from that lethargy that put our internal fashionista on hiatus during her quarantine.

The blouses of the moment stimulate our senses, enliven our looks and they inspire us to wear them in the right way as the best dressed show us. However, we find, to our benefit, that some of those trending models will have a longer life expectancy. We are wearing them right now, we will wear them throughout the spring, but also for a few more years. These are the blouses that you should treasure to wear in the near future.

Bow blouses

These blouses dominated the autumn-winter 2020-2021 catwalks, the political podium at the hand of Kamala Harris and continue as the most elegant option to wear during halftime. Blouses with a bow are the symbol of successful women, a feature that adds more character to the garment that, without it, would just be one more shirt. A detail that you can wear your way: with the bow tied perfectly, very close to the neck, a little looser, resting on your bust or with a shorter bow.

Silky to the touch

Blouses, also with the air of shirts, will stand out for their fluidity. The slightly baggy style speaks to that strong trend, which has permeated many collections this year. Soft, silky and pleasant blouses to the touch will star in looks with more than one open button, to highlight our neckline and, between comfort and seduction, wear a garment that has no waste.

Blanco oversize

The relevance and timelessness of the white shirt could never be questioned, and this season we see how not only its popularity increases, but also its size, both in width and length. White blouses take a more comfortable and oversize silhouette in tune with what was seen in the spring-summer proposals of Schiaparelli, Simona Marziali, Christian Dior, among other designers. A white shirt should never be missing from our wardrobe and it is a garment that, definitely, regardless of its style, does not lose its validity.

Light fabrics and transparencies

Fluidity doesn’t just show up in silk tops, we have also seen light fabrics in blouses with transparencies, Layered by designers in equally ethereal layers and, this season, in a soft, romantic color palette. However, other colors are just as valid, such as black, white or navy blue to ensure their validity over time.

XXL Mangas

Voluminous styles will continue to be in trend and we are here to continue enjoying them, we already enjoyed them last summer and this season continues with larger, bulky and delicate sleeves, both in blouses and dresses. The shoulders will not only be the center of attention to show off the brunette glow of your skin, but also with this great detail that will make your looks stand out with a single element of large size and style. Make the blouse the center of attention this spring and accompany it with minimal clothing and accessories that harmonize and do not overshadow it and; five years from now, in the same way since a garment like this will always be the focal point to look very elegant.

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