After several hours of hearings, the court ordered a preventive measure for Edward Beale. For two months he will not be able to leave the house at night without the permission of the investigator, as well as take part in mass events. In addition, he is prohibited from communicating with other participants in a high-profile case, driving, using the Internet and a telephone.

By the way, at the trial it became known that the State Duma consultant Maria Artemova, into which the blogger entered, is in a coma. Doctors previously did not give any predictions, but noted that her condition was serious: she was diagnosed with multiple injuries, a ruptured spleen and a serious fracture of the pelvis, which doctors literally collected in parts.

Note that the investigation did not initially ask for arrest for the blogger, he was not officially charged due to an accident, since he is in the status of a suspect. Later it became clear that the investigation wanted to focus on house arrest, as well as prohibit the scandalous pranker from driving.

Journalists also noticed his wife at the courthouse. She does not deny the guilt of her husband, in social networks she previously wrote: “This is our result.” At the entrance to the hall, she said only that she wanted the case to go according to the law. When the hearing ended, Beale was released. He left the hall and walked to the car, without saying a word.

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