The Pachuca coach described as “incredible” that they missed the three points in his visit to the Pumas

Paulo Pezzolano, technical director of Pachuca, assured that by letting go of the three victory points they had before Pumas it was a hard blow for how it happened, since everything was very fast and in the final minutes of the game.

“The taste is of bitterness, that the game goes away with two goals up and that you go away in three-fourth minutes”, said the strategist of the Tuzos at a press conference at the end of the match.

“It was a heavy game, on a difficult court and that we go away like this is incredible. We did all the wear and tear. They were punctual errors. Soccer is like that and you leave the games in three or four minutes,” he stressed Pezzolano.

In the same way, the helmsman of the Hidalgo said that they have to stop making individual mistakes, since that translates into goals against or danger for their team, in addition to admitting that the team goes from less to more.

“We are adapting to what the team does best, we are looking more solid in 400 minutes. We got the goals, but in three or four minutes you see everything different. Today we had specific errors, but now it is different. streak until the 89th minute and learn from mistakes that are sometimes horrors, “he said.

Finally, he said that these errors are the ones that cost games in final instances, so in the playoffs they should come out in better shape to avoid letting go of the positive results they have.

“We are not thinking about playoffs, but about Puebla. These mistakes in playoffs cannot be made. We have to work on our own, not have these mistakes, be a tough team. At home we need all three points. Face the game against Puebla as if it were a repechage, “he concluded.