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Birthday in Lübeck – 1200 bikers congratulate Matheo on his 2nd birthday

In Lübeck on Sunday around 1200 motorcyclists from several federal states congratulated a sick two-year-old boy on his birthday. The spontaneous meeting was triggered by a call on social media, as the Lübeck police announced. All participants behaved calmly and peacefully.

Hannah Ankenbrand (34), mother of Matheo, organized the meeting via social media. The bikers even came from Munich and Berlin.

As more and more bikers gathered, the police finally cordoned off part of the affected street. They stood with their Mororr bikes not only in the adjacent parking lots, but also on the road. A detour has been set up for other road users. The bikers came from Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Berlin.

After about two hours the casserole was over. “Except for a few loud engine noises, there were no special incidents,” wrote the police.

Lübeck had actually banned the event because it was not registered in time, reports “The North Schleswig“. But the rejection either did not get through to the bikers or was simply ignored by them. The patient’s mother had organized the parade as a birthday surprise for her son with lung disease via social networks.

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