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Billy and Robín Álvarez suspended in Cruz Azul and soon excluded

After an Assembly that lasted more than 12 hours, the start of the process to expel the director of the Cooperative and president of the Soccer Club was notified.

Guillermo Álvarez Cuevas, former president of the Blue Cross, along with his son Robin Álvarez, were suspended from the Cruz Azul CooperativeIn addition, the exclusion process began, so that the three, along with a score of people related to them, are permanently out of the cement factory, all this during the Extraordinary Assembly that was held in one of the facilities of the business.

According to sources close to ESPN, the Assembly, with an 80 percent attendance of cooperative members, approved that the process of exclusion of Billy alvarez and their relatives, after there are arrest warrants against them, for participating in activities with money of illicit origin.

Now, Billy Álvarez and Robin Álvarez, together with their relatives, have 20 days to present evidence and avoid being excluded from the Cruz Azul Cooperative. His final departure would be until the next assembly, once the deadline to present his defense and a vote for or against his exclusion is over. Víctor Garcés was not subjected to this process, because he was excluded since 2011.

With the suspension, Cruz Azul can initiate legal procedures both in the Mexican Soccer Federation and in the MX League, to prevent Billy Álvarez from being related to La Maquina Celeste.

Said partners, related and loyal to “Billy”, are: Ramsés Dolores, Hilario González, Raymundo, Ignacio Magos, Gloria Magos, Pablo Barrera, Sergio Gutiérrez, Jorge Fernández, Noé Calvo, Tomás Rivera, Manuel Sutro, Germán Diaz, Josafat Morales , Ángel Jiménez, Miguel Ángel Trejo, Juan Antonio Hernández Barrera, Domingo Hernández Barrera, Vicente Reyes Lugo, Baltazar Avendaño, José Luis Soberanes, Juan José Godoy, Martha Lugo, Rafael Cruz Muciño and Víctor Luna, several of whom have orders of apprehension of federal or local judges in Mexico, like Billy and Robin Álvarez.

In the same Assembly, the first held since the disappearance of Guillermo AlvarezDue to the arrest warrants against him, support was given to the Administration and Surveillance Councils, which are headed by Víctor Velázquez Rangel and José Antonio Marín.

During the meeting that lasted almost until midnight, evidence of the alleged money laundering and diversion of funds was presented, which was done during the management of Billy alvarezTherefore, this is expected to be a new beginning for the cement company that has one of its main bases in Hidalgo.

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