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BILD pays corona bonus! – Care heroine Enisa (48) celebrates 1000 euros

Berlin – Because politics is too slow, BILD pays the corona bonus! A total of 25,000 euros.

For a week, BILD readers were able to nominate their personal care heroes from day care facilities, the hospital or the senior citizens’ home. Now the first Helden nursing staff and winners of 1000 euros each BILD bonus have been determined!

So nurse Enisa Pandzic (48) from Kehl (Baden-Württemberg) is now cheering about the unexpected 1000 euro corona allowance.

She was nominated by BILD reader Herbert Egg (84). The pensioner worked as a freelance dealer for Plexiglas roofs up to the age of 80 and has lived in the “Dr. Friedrich Gerold House ”in Kehl.

During the BILD campaign, he immediately thought of his carer Enisa: “Without her, the day is sad. She takes care of me like she is my own daughter. She more than deserved the bonus. ” Carer Enisa modestly: “I am touched.”

1000 euros also for intensive care nurse Janine (40)

Intensive care nurse Janine Geber (40) from Homburg (Saarland) can also look forward to a 1000 Euro BILD bonus.

They were nominated by BILD reader Isolde Lenhard-Rau (58) and her husband Wolfgang (pensioner):

“My wife has aggressive breast cancer that is no longer operable. Ms. Geber from the outpatient palliative care team is always available, came at 3 a.m. when my wife couldn’t take it anymore because of the pain. She is a sweetheart. “

PS: All bonus winners will be notified, and BILD will present more daily until the end of the week.

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