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BILD finds the Bratwurst of the Year – I’m Petra I.

The bratwurst of the year 2021 is wilder than ever: In the grand finale on the new Springer building in Berlin, a sausage made from red deer, wild boar and Swabian-Hall pork, refined with six-month-old cheddar cheese, won.

“I can’t believe it,” says Petra Nieding (54). “This is a prize that really means a lot to me.” The master butcher from Bad Sobernheim (Rhineland-Palatinate) convinced the jury with her “Wild Canadian Chili Cheese Smokey”. Petra I. is the second woman to have won the BILD bratwurst competition.

For the second edition of the Bratwurst Search, nine applicants from all over Germany came to the finals in Berlin – a colorful mix of young and old, lovers and professionals, hunters and cattle breeders, old butcher nobility in the fifth generation and lateral entrants from the book trade. They all share a love for homemade bratwurst.

The proven jury consisting of event chef Pia Engel-Nixon (43), star chefs Ralf Zacherl (50) and Markus Semmler (54) as well as BILD culinary expert and grill master Michael Quandt (52) was reinforced this time by last year’s winner Sabrina Hoffmann (30). “It’s great to come to Berlin and just let yourself be cooked for,” she says. Sabrina and her husband have a farm with a hundred pigs in Wanfried (Hessen) and process the meat while it is still warm.

Jury boss Michael Quandt explains the rules of the game: There are four grills ready for the candidates to grill the sausages they have brought with them. The Jura will taste and judge the sausages every ten minutes. Whoever leaves Berlin as a winner can decorate himself with the title “Bratwurst of the Year” for a year.

The schedule not only gives participants time to prepare. It also offers plenty of opportunities to talk shop and exchange ideas with one another. “Our guild is getting smaller and smaller,” says one. “I no longer have any competitors, just colleagues.” A relaxed grill atmosphere is superimposed on the culinary and sporting competition.

Not everyone gets along with the electric grill straight away. But other devices are not allowed on the building. The finalists help each other, the interaction is friendly. “A great location,” says one. “And a great atmosphere to make new contacts.” The scent of bratwurst rises from the devices, addresses are exchanged.

Master butcher André Möllmer (38) from Leipzig is in Berlin for the second time. “I took so many ideas with me from the first time,” he says. Since then he has developed a new sausage: the Texas bratwurst. This time he competes with her.

The jury does not make work easy for itself. The taste experts bite into the sausage, check the texture and, with their eyes closed, feel the signals for their senses. Spices such as mustard and ketchup are completely taboo when tasting – every sausage has to convince itself. “Nice juiciness, wonderful cut,” praises Ralf Zacherl. Then he enters his impressions on the test sheet.

Different styles become recognizable when tasting: Some eat the sausage completely, others leave part of it – as a taste bank for the final evaluation. “You can only judge when you have eaten all of them,” says Pia Engel-Nixon. “But I already have a favorite.”

After two and a half hours, the jury has fumbled through all the entries and withdraws to reach a verdict. Great tension under the sky over Berlin – also whether the clouds hold. Is there rain No, the weather is also kind to the competition.

Then the big breakup: First place goes to Petra Nieding (54) and her “Wild Canadian Chili Cheese Smokey”. The master butcher from Ingelheim had postponed her second corona vaccination in order to be there in Berlin. The effort paid off: your venison sausage convinced the jurors. “By a large margin”, as the head of the jury Quandt adds.

Petra Nieding has already won many prizes and trophies for her sausages from her “game room” and from her main business in Ingelheim. “But the BILD award is something very special for me,” she says. “The DLG awards look for external defects – the BILD award expresses the appreciation of experts who really like the sausage.”

In addition to the title, Petra is delighted with the grill, a Genesis II EX-335 GBS Smart Grill: “It comes as requested,” she says. “Since Corona, my husband discovered cooking and grilling for himself. We are currently having a roof built on the terrace – the grill will have its place there. ”- If you want to try the Siegerwurst: simply order at [email protected] One kilo costs 20 euros.

In second place: Christian Ebben (47), who runs a butcher’s shop in Gelsenkirchen with his brother Marcus (50). The brothers – butchers in the fifth generation – have applied with a classic grilled sausage made from free-range pigs from the Ruhr Valley. The jury: “An honest bratwurst, finely seasoned.”

“That’s just great,” says Christian about the price. “What a great event! I also think it’s great that our craft is reported once and it becomes clear how innovative and creative this profession is. ”- The bratwurst costs 12.50 euros per kilo in the shop (Cranger Strasse 301, 45891 Gelsenkirchen); In the adjoining snack bar you pay 2.20 euros for a sausage and bread roll.

Tom Brass (47) is happy about third place with his bratwurst from the “pig from a good home”. The master butcher had worked in Belgian companies for a long time, but could no longer endure the situation and switched to sales.

Now he’s thinking of going into business for himself. “The BILD Prize encourages me to finally take this step.” – Tom’s sausage is not yet available in stores. If you are curious, you can book it at www.the – then he will demonstrate the production process and serve his sausage exclusively.

This time the jury awarded an honorary prize. It went to the youngest participant in this competition: Nele Krampe from Lienen (North Rhine-Westphalia). Nele is only 17 and was accompanied to Berlin by her mother Christiane. But she developed the competition bratwurst herself: the cheese and chili grill with ham cubes.

“The bratwurst comes from our own meat from our farm in Lienen,” she says. “We were allowed to open our small butcher’s shop almost three months ago. The chilli grill was a hit right from the start. But that I even win in Berlin with it is simply unbelievable! “

BILD congratulates all winners – and thanks all participants for taking part!

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