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Bilan’s sister told why she returned from America to Russia

The younger sister of the singer Dima Bilan, Anna Belan, in the studio of the “Stars came together” program on the NTV channel, explained why she returned to Russia from America. There she studied to be a director, for which the musician paid.

“I got depressed at some point. I missed my family very much during the fifth year of my stay abroad ”.

Anna Belan

As Anna noted, she really likes to travel with Bilan.

“We took a car and drove around America together. He is 14 years older than me. I will say that when I was three years old, he left for Moscow. We didn’t grow up with him. Now he is my assistant. We are similar in character. We often talk on the phone at work. I was at his housewarming party.

Dima, by the way, is easy to please with a gift. He’s a picky person. Last time I gave him a microphone. With my family, we began to get together more often. When he is not there, I help him around the house. He got a cat. I go and feed her. I am an artist. He is helping me now with the recording of the album, ”the girl said.

Recall that Dima Bilan won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008. So far, none of the Russians have been able to repeat this result.

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