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Big shock to Trump! Backed by Biden after first debate, 69% people are not happy with the debate. america – World

Big shock to Trump!  Backed by Biden after first debate, 69% not happy with the debate

Trump gets a shock after the first presidential debate

US Elections First 2020 primary debate: According to CBS News polls, President Donald Trump has suffered a major setback after the first presidential debate. 48 per cent said that Biden won the debate, while 41 per cent said that Donald Trump was ahead in the debate.

Washington. The first presidential debate was held between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on Tuesday evening for the US presidential elections. In this debate, despite Trump’s aggressive behavior and repeated interruptions, he is being criticized for breaking rules and speaking in between. In a CBS News poll conducted by Debate, 48 percent said Biden won the debate, while 41 percent said Donald Trump was ahead of the debate. In this survey, 8 out of 10 people who saw the debate said that the whole debate was negative.

In the CBS survey, people have said that they have felt bad after watching the presidential debate. 69 percent people have expressed their displeasure over the question of feeling good or bad. During the debate, Trump said that even though Biden lives at a distance of 200 feet at election meetings and public events, he comes wearing a big mask. On this, questions related to not wearing trump masks and big rallies also came up. Moderator Wallace asked – President, why don’t you apply masks. While your health officer also gives the same advice. On this, Trump said – It is not that I do not apply masks. I definitely do it when needed. During this time, Trump was constantly interrupting Biden and the moderator had to stop him several times.

Trump worst presidentPeople said in the survey that a bad presidential debate has not been seen before. According to experts, Trump’s aggressive attitude is constantly hurting him. People are already angry about their government’s attitude towards Corona and now this kind of behavior of Trump is going against them. After the debate, Biden tweeted that Trump was proving to be the worst president of America so far.

Hillary was also ahead in 2016
Let us know that in almost all pre-election surveys at the national level in 2016, Hillary Clinton was ahead of Donald Trump by nearly 3 million votes. But, if the real results came, she was defeated by Trump. This happened because America has an electoral college system. Therefore, despite winning more votes of the people, if a president wins the election, it is not necessary. If this condition is removed, Joe Biden has been ahead of President Donald Trump in most of this year’s national surveys. Talking about the recent weeks, Biden seems to be getting the support of about 50 percent of the voters. He is getting at least 8 points lead in these opinion polls on President Trump.

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