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The cabinet of US President-elect Biden is taking shape. Now there is a new name: US Judge Garland is to become Minister of Justice. Ex-President Obama had him in mind as a judge for the Supreme Court.

Little by little, more and more names for the cabinet of the elected President Joe Biden are known: Biden wants to make the renowned judge Merrick Garland his attorney general. He announced this a few hours after Congress had formally confirmed his election victory, thereby confirming media reports on Wednesday. Garland’s deputy is said to be public prosecutor Lisa Monaco.

Garland nominated for Supreme Court by Obama

Former US President Barack Obama nominated Garland as a Supreme Court Justice in 2016, but the Republicans in the Senate blocked his appointment. Garland, 68, is currently a federal judge in the capital, Washington.


Biden’s first personnel decisions

Former Connecticut teacher and current education officer, Miguel Cardona, is set to join President-elect Joe Biden as Secretary of Education. | Image source: AP

Is considered to be relatively independent and apolitical

The Senate must also approve Biden’s cabinet members. Garland’s candidacy is likely to meet with broad approval, especially since he is considered a relatively independent and apolitical judge. He does not belong to any political party. Many left Democrats had urged Biden to choose a more political candidate for the Justice Department. After President Donald Trump’s term in office, they are hoping for a leadership of the Justice Department that would campaign aggressively to strengthen civil rights and to combat racism.

On January 20, Biden is to be sworn in as the new president.

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