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Between Europe and permanence

Levante and Huesca They face each other today in the top flight but both have met before in the catacombs of Spanish football (follow today’s game live on In Third there were clashes, there were also in Second B and Second. Even in the Copa del Rey the two Barça teams have been measured. Today, in First, Levante dreams of fighting to the end to try to finish seventh, a place that could give access to Europe. It is very far, but with salvation almost in your pocket, is the ambitious goal set for the last 10 league games. The Huesca, with lto achieve a permanence that weeks ago seemed impossible.

The uprising He returns to the competition and does it almost in the same way that he left it 15 days ago: weighed down by casualties and plagued with doubts. It is true that Paco López recovers Radoja, Postigo and Rochina but Melero, who misses a special match; and Campaña, who has already trained with the group, are still on leave. What’s more, Miramón has fallen this week and will not face his former team either and it will also drag aftermath of the FIFA Virus since playing on Friday does not help either. Two of the winners of the week, Dani Gómez (double with the U21) and Bardhi (Great match with Macedonia to knock down Germany) they will arrive with very heavy legs and almost without training with the group, if they arrive.

Quite the opposite of Huesca, where Pacheta could use his gala eleven, in pursuit of a victory that puts him squarely in the fight for permanence. Those of Pacheta need a victory tafter four games without wins to be able to engage in the struggle for permanence. The coach from Burgos recovers Mosquera, the one that was the beacon of the Huesca with Míchel will debut with the current coach after ten games out. An absence that has been difficult for the Catalans to digest. The Galician environment had no natural relief and su injury overlapped with that of Sandro, the differential striker of the Alto Aragonese. With both available and with two weeks of preseason, Pacheta will test them from the beginning. Two very titular footballers and on whom the most immediate future of Huesca depends.

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