Berni’s message to young people: “Many of my generation ended up frozen in a trench defending the country and did not complain”

Sergio Berni’s message to young people

The governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, met this afternoon with mayors and other officials of his administration to analyze the evolution of coronavirus cases.

Although the authorities recognized that there was an acceleration of infections in the last three weeks, for now they have committed to reinforce the protocols and avoid new restrictive measures in the middle of the summer season, which is centered on the Atlantic Coast of Buenos Aires. However, some matches will go backward and must avoid activities that had recently been enabled, such as indoor gyms.

After the meeting, Kicillof and his cabinet ministers held a press conference. True to his style, the Head of Security, Sergio Berni, took the microphone and alluded to the Malvinas War to address a special message to the young people, who showed difficulties in complying with the official provisions in the first days of 2021.

I am from 62 and many of my generation ended up in a trench, frozen, defending the interests of the Homeland with a fuse on their shoulders. And it occurred to none of them to go dancing or protest because they couldn’t go out. I believe that today the youth have the possibility to look after the interests of all”, He introduced.

And I add: “They have the historical responsibility of assuming the commitment to bring peace of mind to all Argentines that they will be able to continue this season. I am sure that the youth will make those who do not understand understand that we do this to take care of work, production and health”.

And he completed: “I have no doubt that they will understand it and hopefully they will put themselves at the head of this country; while in all parts of the world they are closing, we have prepared to give this fight with total honesty and dedication”.

At the beginning of the summer season, there were problems on some beaches where youth meetings were organized against the current recommendations to maintain social distancing. Adolescents are also reluctant to wear masks and think they are immune to the virus.

Specialists point out that this age group faces fewer difficulties when it comes to transiting the disease, but they are vectors of contagion just like any other person. For this reason, it is important that they understand that they must resume the care that was in force during the strictest stage of quarantine.

The message includes the spirit of what was resolved in the meeting with the mayors. “At the moment this is a call to comply more strictly with the protocols that are in force,” Kicillof said at the press conference.

The governor announced that they will wait for the evolution of the curve this week and will meet with Alberto Fernández and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta to – if necessary – announce measures at the beginning of next week.

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