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Before vaccine goes bad: US student vaccinated spontaneously in the supermarket

Before vaccine goes bad
US student vaccinated spontaneously in the supermarket

The Moderna vaccine must be stored at low temperatures, otherwise it will become unusable very quickly. Because of this, a US student unexpectedly comes across a dose of vaccine in a supermarket. A video of the prick has already been viewed 700,000 times on Tiktok.

A US student did more than just do his grocery shopping in the supermarket – the young man also unexpectedly received a corona vaccination. David MacMillan was shopping with a friend in the capital, Washington, when an employee in the drug department approached them and offered them a vaccination.

“She turned to us and said, ‘Hey, I have two doses of vaccine and I have to throw them away if I can’t give them to someone. We’ll close in ten minutes. You want the Moderna vaccine?” the student described the scene to NBC television. The Moderna vaccine must be stored at low temperatures and will quickly become unusable after it is removed from the refrigerator and the seal broken.

A video of the unusual vaccination campaign posted on Tiktok by MacMillan quickly became a hit, and by Monday it had already been viewed more than 700,000 times. MacMillan praised the supermarket employee as a “heroine” and emphasized that with his video he wanted to take a stand against the numerous disinformation about the corona vaccination.

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