Before killing his 3 children, he presumed to love them on ‘Face’


Before murdering them, the father and alleged material author of the homicide of three children, he boasted on social networks the love he felt for minors.

On your social network profile Facebook, FC, 26, spread images of minors, even as an identification photo of their profile.

One of the images, dated September 5, 2018, shows the three minors from behind, with the phrase:

The best of my life !! ”, accompanied by emoticons with hearts.

This Saturday morning the triple crime was discovered, the minors were allegedly murdered by their own father in one of the departments of Colonia 11 de Julio, First Section, in the municipality of Mineral de la Reforma, Hidalgo.

It was a telephone call to the 911 emergency number in which the triple homicide was alerted, requesting the presence of institutions in the place.

It was reported that upon arriving at the site, personnel from the State Security Agency interviewed a man, who confirmed that his 26-year-old son informed him by telephone that he allegedly committed the homicide against his three children.

Upon arrival at the home, the three lifeless children were located and ambulance personnel from the State Police confirmed the deaths.

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