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Before Biden took office: What remains of Trump

Na, American politics is not yet on a calmer path. In the coming days it will be turbulent to rowdy again. First of all, there are the two by-elections for the Senate in Georgia: If the Republicans win one of them, they will continue to have a majority in the chamber in the future and thus make life difficult for future President Biden in terms of power politics. It would continue with “divided government”.

One day later, on January 6th, the results of the presidential election from each state will be read out, counted and officially announced in Congress. In normal times, this is a routine matter.

But times are not normal even a few days before Trump’s departure from the presidency. Republican Senators and MPs do not want to confirm the result because, as their masters claim, there was alleged electoral fraud (not a single court dealing with this has found evidence for this claim). These people will not find a majority in the session of Congress either. They are not so blind to reality to hope so.

Your cynicism follows a different calculation: you want to make yourself dear to the Trump loyalists – an indication of the lasting influence of the 45th President. The broken relationship between the parties is also part of his legacy. The fact that a Trump veto was overruled for the first time in parting is just a footnote.

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