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Because the best comes in petite doses: Small weddings? Yes I accept!

For some couples, considering the concept of small weddings It has become a great option, after the stressful year 2020 that put the wedding planning industry in check. Cancellations, location changes, border closures, insufficient resources, among other aggravating factors, made the wedding planners They will creatively rethink how to celebrate a wedding without feeling restricted and offering maximum security, always observing not to lose that halo of magic that this means. celebration.

Facing a new conception of wedding celebrationsIt meant taking on a great responsibility and challenge, because creating an unforgettable moment in the lives of two people is not something that is taken lightly. We spoke with two professionals in the field of wedding to thoroughly analyze this micro wedding universe with endless possibilities.

Currently, what are the trends in small weddings?

Zaira Zepeda, CEO and co-founder of Local Trendy, responds: “We are talking about elopement type weddings (where only the couple participates), petite weddings (between 10 and 15 guests) and even multi-day weddings (where, for example, on Thursday you could celebrate with friends and on Saturday have a brunch familiar).

Although the formats restrict the number of guests, we must not forget the essence of this celebration, a fact echoed by Carlos Pereyra, founder of Carlos Pereyra Floral Designer, “Not lose the illusion that it is one of the most important and unforgettable days of your life, despite all the difficulties that arise in these times, and look for the right people who share the same happiness and bliss of his Union”.

What advantages are there in these petite weddings?

Mainly, we talk about three advantage in common, in this regard the co-founder of Local Trendy explains: “First, personalization to its maximum splendor, since there are fewer people you can afford to individualize every detail, from the location allocator to the menu if you wish. Second, more than one event to celebrate, can you imagine getting married in petite comitee with your husband and your parents, two days later celebrating with your friends and close the celebration with a family brunch on Saturday, with the invitation open to a great party in their first year of marriage? The new formats give you that possibility. Finally, your dreams will come true, those whims that seemed impossible to achieve today are a reality at your fingertips. Getting married in a place out of the ordinary, setting up a starry sky just for your wedding or centerpieces made of peonies, will be possible, as everything is in less proportion to you. budget it will perform like never before ”.

What are the trends in small wedding flower arrangements?

For Carlos, the inspiration in his floral proposal comes from his state, Oaxaca, combining the Oaxacan cultural richness with crafts and traditions. These are translated into ornaments that have found in the petite wedding sector a perfect environment to “flourish” through these trends: “Everything would depend on the season in which the event takes place, but a trend that is outstanding is the floral designs with dehydrated foliage, accompanied by flowers in nude tones, this gives it a warm and fresh environment “, explains Carlos Pereyra, adding the importance of maintaining” the traditional inspiration with an avant-garde touch to highlight your unforgettable day ”.

How does the budget determine small or petite weddings?

For both professionals, in the creativity is the key that demystifies the idea that only with large budgets can these unforgettable celebrations be executed. Zepeda affirms that “Creativity is creating outside the box, it is not only breaking with the rule of the everyday but solving when the everyday breaks itself, as is the case of the wedding”.

In the field of flower arrangements, the Oaxacan floral designer states: “Creativity does not depend on money, a good floral designer is based on taking basic elements and transforming them into something exceptional, always taking into account the budget of each client ”.

Thalía and her unforgettable wedding dress

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