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Because she is being bullied – 300 bikers accompany the schoolgirl to the prom

A school yard – often heaven, sometimes hell!

He had been a nightmare for Felicity Warburton since she was seven years old. The girl from near Birmingham, UK, had been bullied so badly every day since first grade that she was toying with suicidal thoughts. And all of this – as always – because she is a little different from others: She has Asperger’s, a form of autism that makes it difficult for those affected to develop a relationship with other people. And dyslexia, a disorder that makes it difficult for people to learn to read and write.

Two reasons her school days turned to hell. Now Felicity’s school ball was just around the corner and her mom Kathryn Warburton wanted it to be beautiful and unforgettable for Felicity, reports the “Daily Mail“. She launched an appeal on Facebook and wrote: “Felicity is so excited about her prom because it will be a way for her to show her bullies that they can no longer hurt them. (…) I want her ball to be everything she ever wanted and needed. ”And so she asked the members of the WAC Motorcycle Club if they could chauffeur their daughter to the prom.

And they could! The family was hoping for maybe ten bikers – but around 300 bikers turned up and brought the overwhelmed, joyful Felicity to her ball at Worcester Warriors Stadium. Men like closets, almost all of them former police officers and prison guards, with beards and tattoos, soft hearts and damn rough skins – at least for those who deserve it!

Felicity was visibly proud, inspired and happy in a chic long dress made of white lace and was driven to her ball on a trike with her friend Emily.

“We were blown away,” says Felicity’s dad Rich Morris. “Felicity loved every minute and it was amazing to have this support from all the bikers. (…) She is a great girl and doesn’t deserve any of this. It was all the nicer to see them shine like a Christmas tree. “

Hopefully Felicity’s prom is a start into a new, bullying-free life that she could start with a wonderful smile …

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