Because of possible side effects: Ireland is also suspending Astrazeneca vaccination

Because of possible side effects
Ireland is also suspending Astrazeneca vaccination

After isolated cases of blood clots in Astrazeneca vaccinated people, some countries are suspending the British-Swedish company’s vaccine. Ireland is now also pausing with the inoculation of the vaccine. However, there are doubts whether the deaths were related to the vaccination.

Ireland is also suspending vaccinations with Astrazeneca’s corona vaccine due to possible serious side effects. The NIAC advisory committee responsible for vaccinations recommended temporarily stopping vaccinations, according to the deputy chief of the Irish health authority, Ronan Glynn. It is a precaution that has been taken after a report by the Norwegian Medicines Agency on four new cases of blood clots in vaccinated people.

Denmark had initially suspended vaccinations with the British-Swedish manufacturer’s vaccine. The Danish Health Authority referred to reports of severe blood clots in people who have been vaccinated. However, it has not yet been conclusively clarified whether there is a connection between the vaccinations and the coagulation disorders. Later, Norway, Iceland and Bulgaria also announced the suspension of vaccinations with Astrazeneca.

No connection with vaccination proven yet

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) countered the doubts about the safety of the vaccine. So far, a causal connection between a death and the vaccination has not been proven in any case, said a WHO spokeswoman. The EMA stated that according to previous knowledge “the number of thromboembolic events in vaccinated people is not higher than in the general population”.

Astrazeneca’s vaccine was approved in the EU in January. In Germany and several other European countries, the vaccine was initially only approved for people under 65 years of age because there was initially no reliable data on its effectiveness in older people. The vaccine is now also recommended for seniors.

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